Phakic LensesTo Treat High NearSightedness

Phakic LensesTo Treat High NearSightedness

Are You Frustrated with Blurred Vision When you Take Off Your Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Insertable lenses are one of the most exciting new breakthroughs in the field of Keratoconus treatment.  Phakic lenses have been around for more than 25 years to treat nearsightedness prescriptions AND Astigmatism. If you have Keratoconus AND nearsightedness, then the Phakic Lenses may improve your life even MORE after your Keratoconus treatments.

THE PROBLEM:  After having your Keratoconus treated or if you already had a cornea transplant, there may still be HIGH DEGREES OF NEARSIGHTEDNESS.  This can cause very blurry vision when you take off your contacts or glasses. When you have a lot of nearsightedness in one OR both eyes, it can also cause problems with glasses and contact lenses and hold back your best vision. 

Many people who are candidates for the Phakic Lens love their improved vision. It can amplify the life changing experience from earlier Keratoconus treatments.

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