Vision Correction

What is Vision Correction?

The term “Vision correction surgery” covers several potential procedures that correct errors in visual acuity. There are a few different choices for corrective eye surgery. The chosen procedure can make a difference in your post-surgical vision and one option may be better for you than others. Today, a variety of procedures can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism to cut down your need for glasses or contacts – in most cases, it even eliminates the need for them all together.

While they provide a great temporary solution to help you see better, there is no denying that glasses, and contact lens, can be highly inconvenient at times. Imagine seeing clearly from the moment you wake up! Just think of how much extra time and hassle you would be removed from your daily routine if you no longer had to worry about glasses or contact lens impeding on your lifestyle anymore.

With vision correction surgery, no more…

  • Wasting time trying to find where you misplaced your glasses;
  • Remembering to carry spare lens and cleaning fluid with you when travelling;
  • Smudging makeup on your lenses;
  • Remembering to take out your contacts before showering and going to bed;
  • Headaches from frames that are just a bit too tight;
  • Glasses steaming up when cooking or exercising;
  • Needing glasses for driving;
  • Glasses and contact holding you back from swimming and playing your best with your favourite sports;
  • Early morning mist fogging up your glasses;
  • Fiddling around with delicate contacts when you are in a rush and constantly losing them (it doesn’t help that they are tiny and see-through!)
  • The list goes on!

After corrective eye surgery, most patients enjoy permanently corrected vision, therefore no more repeat visits specialists for changing prescriptions and no more prescription sunglasses (you can finally wear standard sunglasses!). In fact, many of our patients who have had vision correction surgery 15 to 20 years ago often tell us that “getting vision correction surgery was the best thing I ever did!”

Although the cost of the surgery may sound like a lot of money at first, when you actually tally-up all your repeated expenses associated with your contacts and glasses over the years, you will find that corrective eye surgery is by far the cheaper option. Between paying for visits to your optometrist, buying new frames, contact lens and cleaning supplies, the cost of vision correction without vision corrective surgery adds up quickly and most importantly these ongoing costs do not provide a permanent solution!

The ophthalmologist can help you determine which is the best option for you, so please be advised that you are not expected to be familiar with all the information below nor are you expected to decide which procedure to have before having consulted with us.

The information below can help you understand what your options are, so all relevant information will be explained to you.

All Vision Correction Procedures

Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses

Scleral contacts are large-diameter gas permeable contact lenses specially designed to vault over the entire corneal surface...

Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction is an alternative to glasses and contact lenses that can help you see more, naturally...



Corneal Collagen cross linking Costs?

  • R9 000 per eye. This include the following:
    • Cross linking procedure,
    • surgeons fee,
    • Riboflavin drops and all other disposables,
    • facility fee,
    • 1 Month post op visits and post op scans.

    Costs Excludes anaesthetic fees in case of general anaesthetic (kids). Excludes post op medicines (±R500 extra).

CXL Plus (CXL+Laser Surface Regularisation)

  • R12 500 per eye. This procedure improves vision in addition to CXL. This is what most patients in the leading centres around the world are having.This includes the following:
    • Cross linking procedure,
    • The laser fee (we use our own in-house laser suite),
    • Surgeons fee,
    • Riboflavin drops and all other disposables,
    • Facility fee,
    • 1 Month post op visits and post op scans.

    Excludes anaesthetic fees in case of general anaesthetic (kids). Excludes post op medicines (± R800 extra).


  • R7000/eye, the lens can last you up to 5 years if you look well after it.

Corneal grafting?

  • Local corneal tissue is anything from R25 000 to R30 000 (these are readily available within ± 1 week)DALK (‘partial grafting’) cost ±R95 000 inclusive of all other costs (corneal tissue, general anaesthesia, disposables, hospital costs).PKP (‘full graft’) costs ±R95 000 inclusive of all other costs (corneal tissue, general anaesthesia, disposables, hospital costs)

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Dr. Tebogo Maleka is a specialist eye Surgeon at the SafeSight cataract & eye laser centre.

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