Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel is a procedure which removes old skin to reveal smoother and firmer skin. In addition to its skin exfoliant properties, it also revitalizes skin regeneration.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Peel makes use of a mild exfoliant to peel away dull skin. It also evens out skin tone, minimizes pores and treats acne and acne scarring.

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peel is an exfoliation procedure using a moderately strong chemical peeling agent which, when applied to skin, peels off up to the deeper layer of the skin.



What are the Benefits of Chemical Peel?

  • it produces a more youthful appearance by revealing new firmer skin.
  • youthful texture
  • evens out skin tone and corrects imperfections.
  • treats wrinkles caused by sun damage
  • reduces age spots

Preparing For The Treatment

  • It is often suggested to apply tretinoin cream for a period of time prior to the peel.
  • Using sunscreen with high SPF prior to and after peeling is also recommended.
  • Hydroquinone preparations may also be required for those with darker skin.

How The Treatment Done

  • The chemical peel is applied evenly onto the skin until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Once the peeling is done, the face must be washed thoroughly.
  • Finally, Vitamin C lotion is applied.

After The Treatment

  • Most people may feel a stinging sensation during or after the peel. Putting cool compresses on the skin may ease this.
  • Prolonged sun exposure must be avoided to protect newly treated, fragile skin from harmful UV Rays.
  • Applying makeup is allowed for 12 hours after the treatment.
  • Washing of the face and bathing are allowed immediately after the treatment
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