Patients looking for a skilled and trusted ophthalmologist can schedule a face to face consultation with Dr. Maleka to seek his expert help and advanced eye treatment. We are currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Tebogo Maleka

Specialist Ophthalmologist

Dr. Tebogo Maleka is a specialist eye surgeon. He has vast experience in customized laser refractive surgery treatments, keratoconus treatments, and cataract surgery.

Dr Mofokeng

Dr. Thabiso Mofokeng

General Ophthalmologist

Dr. Mofokeng is a general ophthalmologist with a special interest in glaucoma, keratoconus, and laser refractive surgery. 

Dr Khosi

Dr. Khosi Ggada

Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Khosi Ggada is a General practitioner with an interest in Aesthetic Medicine. She qualified as a Medical Doctor from the University of Stellebosch.

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