SynchroDerm Plus

SynchroDerm Plus

SynchroDerm Plus is a laser treatment for facial rejuvenation which minimizes pores and reduces skin wrinkles.


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What are the Benefits of Synchroderm Plus?

  • restores skin’s youthful appearance
  • improves skin texture and elasticity
  • evens out skin tone
  • stimulates rosy cheeks and glowing skin
  • minimizes oily skin

Preparing For The Treatment

  • After undergoing a consultation and assessment of problem areas, the focus of the treatment will be determined.
  • Options include: treatment for the removal of wrinkles and loose skin; treatment for large open pores; treatment for skin redness and treatment for dark skin and dark circles under the eyes

How The Procedure is Done

  • The laser penetrates the dermal layer of the skin which enhances collagen remodeling. As a result, skin redness is decreased, wrinkles are improved and pores are minimized.
  • Its microlaser peeling effect also works to improve acne and helps to dry inflamed acne.

After The Procedure

  • Wearing of makeup is allowed immediately after the treatment.
  • Washing of the face is allowed the day after the treatment.
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