The advanced type of LASIK Eye Surgery in the country is known as the Z Lasik treatment.

Operated by FEMTO LDV (Ziemer of Switzerland), enables to lessen inflammation, limit the damage and significant improvement in vision right after surgery. First ever technology known in the Philippines.

The painless, bladeless procedure works by gently reshaping the cornea or the part of the eye which is mostly responsible for its refractive power. Without the benefit of customization, nevertheless, a good choice for aspherical grade correction.

It is usually recommended for those who wish to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism .

A gold standard and a reliable flap maker technology, with proper patient selection produces an excellent result. 5 hours to overnight recovery.


What preparations need to made before I come in for a check-up?

If you wear contact lenses, make sure not to wear them 1-2 weeks before your screening. During the screening, your doctor will start out by asking you about a series of health questions regarding your medical history, your eye health history, social history and lifestyle, such as alcohol consumption. You will also be asked to provide a complete list of medications and to provide your surgical history.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Because the procedure makes use of lasers, it is assured that the procedure will be painless and quick.Orthodontic treatment helps align and position teeth. So those with problems with overcrowding and bite positioning would benefit greatly from this treatment.
Irregular bite positioning can put strain on the muscles of the jaw. Orthodontic treatment can help reduce the strain on the jaw and joint problems that can also cause headaches.

What can be expected after the procedure?

Vision becomes clear in about 1-2 hours after the procedure. Afterwards, normal activity can be resumed. No inflammation or light sensitivity occurs post-surgery.

What should I expect during my follow up check-up?

You will be asked to come for post-treatment check-ups periodically (after 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year). During this time, the refraction of the eye/s is/are assessed as well as other effects of the treatment. These check-ups are free of charge since they are included in the fee of the treatment.


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